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Hotel Door Lock

  • RFID Hotel Door Lock
  • RFID Hotel Door Lock
RFID Hotel Door LockRFID Hotel Door Lock

RFID Hotel Door Lock

  • Model Number: SL02
  • Reading distance: 5-10cm
  • Working current: 5-40mA
  • Unlocking: RFID Card


1. Unlocking by RFid card + mechanical key in emergency

2. Support card type: Temic T5557 card, 125KHz or Mifare S50 card, 13.56MHz

3. Material: stainless steel

4. Powered by 4pcs AA Alkaline battery

5. Low voltage alarm

6. Door ajar alert

7. DND (Do not disturb) function available

8. Management classification: support 14 types of cards including authorization card, clock card, room number setting card, master card, emergency card, floor card, building card, guest card, temporary card, house keeping card, alarm card, no-disturbing card etc

9. Hidden cylinder

10. Hotel locking system includes: hotel locking software, encoder, RF card, energy saving switch, data collector

11. Warranty: 2 years, lifetime maintaince

12. Hotel software interface with other PMS

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