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  • Wifi Access Controller
Wifi Access ControllerWifi Access Controller

Wifi Access Controller

  • Model Number: WB03
  • User Capacity: 2100
  • Relay: Two(NO, NC & COM)
  • Wiegand Interface: Wiegand 26~37 bits


• 2,100 users, user data can be transferred

• Multi access modes: Card, Card or PIN, Card with PIN and multi Cards/PINs

• Can connect with any reader with Wiegand 26~37 bits output

• Can connect with any keypad reader with 4bits, 8bits (ASCII), or 10bits Virtual number output

• Support Master Card function

• Support set principal card

• Can communnicate with mobile by Wifi/GPRS

• Remotely open the door within your home network or remote from anywhere you can get internet access with your smartphone or tablet

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